Sunday, November 27, 2011

In which I remember that I have less than a month until Christmas...

Ah- the Christmas season has begun! Time to start furiously knitting those last minute gifts that seemed to get put off until November. I still have half of my gift-knitting to finish (I hope I'm not the only one!) but I did manage to wrap up some projects. Here's my favorite- my purse!

The first step to making the purse was simply knitting. After I cast off my last stitches was where the fun started. I found cute fabric and made a makeshift pattern for the lining of the bag. I just pinned it down and stitched around the edges. My sewing could use a little work, but it was hidden by the edges.

Here's how the inside looked.

And now the final product. Voila! It was really easy and fun to make. The pattern I used was a free one from Lion Brand called Shimmer by Night bag. I stuck to the pattern except I changed up the decrease pattern at the end. Also, instead of casting on 160 st and knitting 3 rows for the strap, I cast on 5 st and knit until the strap reached about 2ft.

My nest project was a hat. At first it was going to be a hat for me, but let's just say I got my gauge a teeny bit wrong and it covers my eyes whenever I try to wear it! Oh well... But on the bright side, I now have another Christmas gift. I really loved the yarn, Patons Wool Tweeds in Chestnut. It kinda reminded me of M&Ms with the dark brown color and the bright flecks of colors scattered in.

Now time to make more hats and purses for Christmas! What have you guys been crafting this Holiday Season?

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