Wednesday, February 2, 2011

eat, sleep, knit, repeat

What is so magical about holding two sticks and a piece of string? How does creating fabric and inricate designs out nothing seem to soothe the soul? And why does the rhythmic clicking of needles transport you to a different world?

I've been asking myself those questions since I started kniting last year. I had an old how to knit set that included needles and yarn, but little else. I got frusterated at the diagrams and the dry and complicated instructions, and didn't get pass the slip knot. A few years later I saw a friend of mine knitting and was as fascinated by the knitting as a moth is of light. I searched my unorganized closet for the long-abandoned knitting set with the hopes of making gorgeous hand knit items. I dusted off the cheap plastic needles and stickly acrylic yarn and did a quick web search of how to knit. Slowly and painfully, I learned how knit!

Now I can't stop trying to learn the ways of the yarn and adding to my knitting collection. But, alas, I've encountered very few knitters on my knitted "journey". My family just rolls their eyes as I tell them about the new stitch pattern I've learned, or about that great new yarn brand.

I hope you'll stick with me on my knitted adventure.

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