Sunday, July 17, 2011

In which I make an incredible discovery...

I was at grandma's house this weekend when I made the coolest discovery. It was amazing. I mentioned to her how I'm learning to crochet (which I can't seem to get the hang of-ugh) and she found a treasure trove of crafty things.

In her closet she found a bin full of yarn and crochet hooks. The most amazing part? Her mother-in-law was and avid crafter and always was buying knitting and crochet magazines. My grandma still has them! I was able to look through crafting magazines from as early as 1953. Some magazines boasted "4 full pages of color!, but the advertisements were even funnier. I need to get some pictures up.

So as I mentioned I'm learning to crochet. I found this adorable book for making amigurumi and I fell in love! I MUST make these adorable critters.

Well, until next time!


  1. I love vintage knitting and crochet things. Why don't you take pictures and post them.

  2. Thanks for my first ever comment! Next time I'm at gram's I'll be sure to bring my camera. I'll have to take some pictures of the best and worst of the patterns.